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Residence in Genoa


Location: Genoa (GE)

Client: Fortunada Ltd.

Job: Realization of building works involving the demolition of the buildings currently being used as storehouse and subsequent reconstruction of other volume to use as housing located in Genoa in Via del Chiapparo 7r

Date: 2010 (design).

Amount: € 1.500.000 (estimate)

Project: Architect A. Costanzo - Surveyors L.

Beruti, M. Garofalo

Collaborators: Architects C. Cassinelli, S. Giuliano

Category (table z-1): E-20


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The Company Fortunada srl owner of a plot of land in Genoa, Via del Chiapparo civ. 7 r. Hall IX Levante, which is part of a larger system of bands sloping towards the sea, intended to start a project that involves the replacement of existing volumes (two buildings built in grip and destined to warehouse) with the simultaneous creation of a new residential building without increasing it in volume will surface accessible.

The composition of the building and spaces of relevance, sets itself the goal of reaching an architectural and environmental redevelopment of the site in an area subject to landscape. The building type proposed is derived from a typological reading of the context found in the same Via del Chiapparo (Civ. N. 3) and the nearby Via Romana di Quarto, both paths of historical matrix of particular value.

The building consists of a single building with a rectangular plan of 15.65 x 10.50 m for a floor area of 180 square meters (much less than 395 square meters of the current arrangement), with living spaces placed at ground and first floors for the creation of four distinct units, covering a four-pitch roof and modest. Below the body of the building is planned placement of the spaces to be allocated to local garage and appurtenant accessory for conferment of different fractions of the waste that will be buried therefore with respect to the portion of the public Way of Chiapparo.

The cover of 'building is a four-pitch surface with slabs of slate tableware according to the criterion of "triple overlap." Reports are plastered "smooth" for the fund and to "curl" to the base in order to diversify the visually plan intended to parking to residential ones. The formal conclusion of the facades is given by a cornice in relief "in slips", while the ground attack on Via del Chiapparo is defined by the laying of a base in slate tiles. They are also provided painted frames smooth monochrome windows and horizontal bands marcapiano also painted.

Each apartment is equipped with independent access through their appurtenant spaces which are accessed by two inputs with common gate along the wall on Via del Chiapparo, the latter proposed stone debris to irregular and rough coat of mortar as the wall containment of the embankment on the east side. The outdoor gardens are paved in stone natural split and / or slabs geometrically defined, furnished with appropriate plantings and plant essences.

In the area of environmental sustainability, the project proposes the use of a constructive system formwork insulating lose, expanded polystyrene thermoformed pigmented and self-extinguishing high-density, which are obtained bearing concrete walls, an overall thickness of 30 cm characterized from a value of thermal transmittance U of much less than indicated by the rules applying in the territory. The plants of central heating services of individual residential units are insured by condensing boilers can also produce domestic hot water. This facility will be supported by 50% of the annual requirement, from solar panels placed on the pergola near of 'access to the garage, which is inside the location, basement, also a reservoir for the water supply of 3 mc.

The project also includes the installation on ground south of the coverage of photovoltaic tiles (instead of the usual photovoltaic panels) can ensure energy production by at least 1 kW for each unit; This solution has been privileged in order to safeguard the environmental characteristics of the site and consequently reduce the impact that would have resulted in a traditional choice.


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