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Multifunctional canteen Livorno 


Location: Livorno (LI)

Client: Directorate of Military Engineers for the

Marina of La Spezia

Job: Requalification of the former laundry and new destination in multi-functional canteen of the Naval Academy

Date: 2003-2004 (design), 2006-2008 (realization)

Amount: € 1.890.200

Project: Technical studio of the Architects L. Simonelli, A. Costanzo and Engineer. F. Deri (archit., structures, plants)

Collaborators: Architects E. Badino, A. Frisina, V. Lodesani

Contractor: Alfonso Del Pezzo

Category (table z-1): E-22


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The building built in 1954 and overlooking the harbor of S. Leopoldo, in the District of the Naval Academy, is made up of only one floor above ground of about 1400 square meters whose perimeter structure in mixed masonry, internal skeleton of beams / columns Reinforced concrete and coverage terrace.

Originally intended as a laundry, in a state of obvious decay and neglect, the building was the subject of a redevelopment project that has transformed the building into a multipurpose cafeteria shifts continues with service cafeteria, no elevations or volume increases, maintaining the existing plant including the chimney of historic and artistic interest, which rises in the inner courtyard.

The north part of the building is intended for the dining hall, while the area to the south welcomes all service rooms to the kitchen (storage, preservation, processing, preparation and packaging of food) as well as changing rooms and toilets for the staff, the ' Office goods and control the entry of commodities.

Among the square in front of the building and the waterfront it was also made an outside staircase connecting metal, of course continuous straight and oriented towards the main entrance architecturally reported by a reinforced concrete roof structure independent.


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