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Europan 6 Competition



Location: Forli (FC)

Client: Europan 6 - intercity, architectural dynamics and new urbanity

Job: Requalification of the former laundry and new destination in multi-functional canteen of the Naval Academy

Date: 2001

Amount: /

Project: Feasibility study Arc. A. Costanzo

Collaborators: M. Bruzzone, Grafico S. Lampredi

Contractor: /

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The competition project is part of a larger process of transformation of the city of Forlì placing itself in connection with the detailed plans required by PA and introducing new elements, public spaces and collective with the aim of triggering, the large scale, the processes of change and transformation such that they can revitalize a portion wider than that limited to the area in question. The project is configured as a system of fluid spaces, where the organic nature of the whole is achieved through a functional continuity that recurs from one side of the railway line and is developed independently through the various levels of the buildings.


Through this space continuum it has been able to unite under a single architectural complex three types of movement:


- moving pedestrian


- moving car


- moving rail