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Project of the Colour Albisola Marina


Location: Albisola  Marina (SV)

Client: ​Municipality of Albisola Marina (SV)

Job: Project of the Colour according to Region Law Liguria October 27, 2003 No. 26 "City at Colour"

Date: 2008-2009 (design)

Amount: /

Project: Arch. A. Costanzo – Arch. G. Montaldo

Collaborators: Arch. C. Cassinelli – F. Di Giorgio – Arch. A. S. Giuliano

Contractor: /

Category (table z-1): E-20


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The "Project of Colour" is a planning instrument that aims enhancement of colours, construction and environmental redevelopment of buildings and artifacts facing public spaces, as they represent a value for the community. It is the exact level of the discipline of landscape City Urban PlannEngineer

This paper has addressed the issue of recovery of painted facades taking as a fundamental value detection, defined as a process of comprehensive and multidisciplinary knowledge, done at different scales of built (territorial, urban, construction), in order to achieve critical mass knowledge that is the basis of documents which to draw for a direct intervention on built.

The logical path that has led to the design of each project has been divided into four phases:

- Development of the system of filing

- The importance of the built

- The diagnosis of built

-The project intervention


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