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Otis Lift Competition


Location: Genoa (GE)

Client: /

Job:Concorso EOtis ascensori – urban designin multi-functional canteen of the Naval Academy

Date: 1999

Amount: /

Project: Feasibility study Arc. A. Costanzo

Collaborators: ​E. Avena, M. Bonacasa, P. Finamore

Impresa: /

Contractor: /

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The Competition

The competition involved the integration of new mid-rise buildings and related services (for an approximate number of 1,000 people) use of mechanized transport systems to be included in the existing infrastructure system. The scope could relate to a historical or in the process of upgrading to the selection of participants, in relation to which the project could include a combination of open spaces, reconstruction and redevelopment of existing buildings and new construction.

The site chosen is in the Genoa-Sampierdarena; the project area is the result of killing of the hill of S. Benigno that, coming up to the lantern, separated the city from the Ponente area. This is an area that has lost its identity following the opening of major roads and the construction of office buildings and business centers.

The Project

The project aims to reconstruct an urban continuity through a network of pedestrian paths orthogonal to the roads and their authority. Through a three-dimensional mesh created by a complexity of architectural episodes, he tried to give an order to the chaos typical of the contemporary city which one is confronted. Three pedestrian axes then reconnect the hill with the area next to the sea, by linking physical and at the same time viewEngineer They have an ideal common origin in Belvedere created on the edge of the hill which are joined by a lift system that exploits the existing grid containment AC This has allowed to connect the residential area located at the top, at the lower level quickly through a series of panoramic elevators.

The three paths meander at a higher or lower than the vehicular traffic and are highlighted by residential buildings that form a new urban landmark for the architectural redevelopment of the area; the first of these buildings, cut the road west of the city center, is configured as port-city border between the city and the suburbs. The limit on which insist the paths is the triangular plot overlooking the sea, where there is still a witness of the historic building fabric and in which it was intended to reconstruct artificially the end part of the promontory through embankments, which intersect and overlap and create a complexity that reflects the experiences garde figurative.

The central axis is constituted as a modern path of ridge mechanized, using technologies OTIS (Tapis-inclined walkways, panoramic lifts, escalators), to facilitate the journey pedestrian. It runs through the building currently used for garage FIAT, recovered for public use, maintaining its two wings that are intended to commerce and services. The central space is characterized by a large coverage hyperbolic, constituted by slats made of steel, which opens the perspective to the area of ​​the elevators.

The project intended to give a new image and a clear organization of the area without wanting to pre-determine any possible development.


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