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Railway Genoa - Casella


Location: Genova (GE)

Client: Ferrovia Genova Casella S.R.L.

Job: Project for the construction of

a mechanized connection between the Genoa - Manin station and the Brignole area (GE)

Date: 2006 Amount of work: /

Project: Feasibility study by Arch. P. Bandini

Collaborators: /

Contractor: /

Category (table z-1): V-02


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The Genoa-Casella railway is part of the history of the Genoese territory and has represented and still represents an effective and suggestive way of connecting and establishing relationships between the different inhabited areas of the hinterland and the capital city. Discreet presence along the valleys and a suggestive ferrato itinerary unique in the Ligurian panorama could express further and concrete potentials by introducing a new element of connection in harmony with contemporary mobility. The Manin della Genova-Casella station, despite its particularity of being nestled within a densely urbanized area, suffers from substantial isolation from the Genoese public transport system that laps it without perceiving it as an integral part. The project aims to overturn the current structure through a simple consideration: if from the Manin station it were possible to "hook up" the public transport system in one of its main ganglia, an interconnected system would be created capable of radically transforming the perception of the railway line . Funicular system in underground route. The underground stations are equipped, where necessary, with stairs and vertical lifts for connection to the various exit heights, in particular:


Descent onto the quay with differential connections to: - Piazza Manin through the pedestrian underpass that comes near the terminus or bus stops; - Largo Giardino by means of vertical lifts and stairs with exit to the street level and connection with bus lines; - Genoa - Casella station on the continuation of the vertical lift run with arrival at the ticket offices and platforms of the train.


Through two distinct paths from the quay level you can reach: - From the pedestrian tunnel, the Student House in Via Ausonia and the adjacent residential area; - By means of vertical lifts the above road level with exit near the Faculty of Education, the sports facilities of Corso Monte Grappa and the Boccidromo.


From the quay level you can reach two distinct levels of the residential area connected respectively by a pedestrian tunnel and vertical elevators.


The arrival is at the level of the urban pedestrian paths and from the station there is direct access to an interchange area that allows the following options: - Reach the arrival station by Metro; - Reach the railway station with direct access to the platforms; -Continue on foot through the urban pedestrian paths towards the city center: - Reach the terminus and stops of the ATM network in the Brignole area.