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Alessio Costanzo Architect



Alessio Costanzo was born in Genoa in 1975. He graduated in Architecture in 1999 at the University of Genoa concentrated on design. In 2000 he took part in the contest “Europan 6 – inter-cities, architectural dynamics and new urbanity” getting the 3rd position. Since 2001 he is a member of the Association of the Architects, Landscape Architects, Planners, Conservers of Genoa. He opened a studio in Genoa in 2003 working in the capacity as both freelancer and in teamwork with other architects and engineering companies, for private clients or in public contracts.

Professional titles

2006 8 hours of teaching for the Master in "protection and enhancement of cultural heritage and landscape" at the Karmel Foundation via Vittorio Emanuele II - Cremolino (AL) Diocese of Acqui Assistance to interns (180 hours) for census and cataloging of the real estate of the Diocese of Acqui at the Karmel Foundation via Vittorio Emanuele II - Cremolino (AL).


2008-2009 Qualification regarding safety in the workplace (ASPP-RSPP) - (Legislative Decree 81/08).


2008-2013 Five-year update of safety qualifications.


2009Municipality of Ventimiglia / Labò Foundation Colors from the sea: reflections of the city - Research stage for the urban redevelopment of Ventimiglia Alta 2006 Casa di Carità Arti e Mestieri


2011-2012 Training course on Environmental Matrices - (Legislative Decree 152/06 and subsequent amendments)


2013-2018 Five-year update of safety qualifications.


2013 Registration in the Register of Technical Consultants of the Court of Genoa - sub. cat. 1/2/6/26.




Alessio Costanzo was born in Genoa in 1975.


1998-1999 OTIS lifts international competition of Urban Design ideas Competition for students (with – E. Avena, M. Bonacasa, P. Finamore.


1999 he graduated in Architecture at the 'University of Genoa.


2000 participates in the 'EUROPAN 6 – inter-city à, architectural dynamics and new urbanities ' competition, ranking3rd.


2000-2001 EUROPAN 6 inter-city à, architectural dynamics and new urbanities Project 3 ° classified (with – architect M. Bruzzone, graphic designer S. Lampredi). 2001 he joined the Order of Architects, Landscape Architects,Planners,

Conservators of the Province of Genoa


2001 EUROPAN 6 Architecture Competition Catalog of Italian results – ed. Europan Italia, Rome, Italy, 2001.


2003 Opens the Genoa studio, practicing the activity in single form, in 'team ' or in group form with other professionals and engineering companies for the c transfer of private assignments, participation in calls for tender and public tenders.


2004 Qualification for the issue of fire prevention certifications - (L.818/84).







Pubblications and conference


Colors from the sea: reflections of



The goal is the recovery of the historic center. The choice of themes derives from the awareness that today the goal of the recovery of Ventimiglia Alta can only be pursued through the enhancement of the public space, as it can be perceived and experienced.


Competition Catalog of Italian results – ed. Europan Italia, Rome, Italy 2001.



​The competition project, in 2001, is part of a broader process of transformation of the city of Forl ì, relating to the detailed plans provided for by the PA and introducing new elements, public and collective spaces with the aim of triggering, on a large scale, processes of change and transformation such as to be able to revitalize a larger portion than that limited to the area in question.



​The project intends to reconstruct an urban continuity through a network of pedestrian paths perpendicular to the road axes and independent from them. Through a three-dimensional grid created by a complexity of architectural episodes, an attempt has been made to give an order to the chaos typical of the contemporary city we

have faced. Date: 1999


Alessio Costanzo



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