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Construction of residential complex


Location: Chiavari (GE)

Client: Proposal to the municipality

of Chiavari (GE)

Job: Project of a residential and

commercial complex

Date: 2009 - 2012

Amount of works: € 15,000,000

Project: Feasibility study

by Arch. P. Bandini

Collaborators: /

Contractor: /

Category (table z-1): E-07


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The study has as its object an urban area of the Municipality of Chiavari, located in adiascence to the city cemetery. This area has been, due to its location, partly subject to a cemeteries constraint that has so far prevented any transformation, in application of current regulations, effectively characterized as an urban "void". The area in question, which has become central as a result of the urban development of the city, is mainly flat with a portion on the north side characterized by a terraced slope. It enjoys a favorable geographical exposure that guarantees quality standards suitable for residential settlement with particular relevance for the factors of sunshine and ventilation. The project, although within the limits deriving from the level of in-depth study requested by the Municipality of Chiavari, indicates the guidelines of a new residential settlement able to guarantee a high quality standard of the buildings and an overall enhancement of the intervention area. The need, expressed by the Municipality to increase the residential offer, is combined with a design of planning consistent with the expectations expressed by the City in terms of valuable urban image.

In the part east of Via San Pio X there are residential construction interventions. These interventions can take on diversified typological characteristics in line with the housing needs expressed by the Municipality that orient towards dimensional choices aimed at offering small-scale accommodation suitable to accommodate a wide range of users including elderly people or young couples. The general structure provides for a construction in the flat area, where four residential buildings of affiliated buildings are located that develop on four floors with four houses per floor (two of 52 square meters of slp and two of 68 square meters of slp.), and one building in a terraced area where they are planned and two buildings divided into two floors with four accommodations per floor (52 square meters of slp.). The characteristics of the residences can be traced, at this stage, to a conventional building with a.c. bearing structures and brick infill masonry with insulating air chamber.

Below each building are the garages for the garages that guarantee the satisfaction of contemporary housing standards. In the west of the lot, there is an urban park of about 20,000 square meters, used as an outlet and urban space for the whole complex.


Area: 47,000 sqm. | Total area built: 12,600 sqm.   | Commercial area: 840 sqm. | Service area: 400 sqm. | Residential area: 6,460 sqm. | Parking area: 4,900 sqm. | Total volume built: 37,800 m3. | Total height: 20 m.